Bullies BBQ is in Hilton Head!

Only the Freshest Lean Pork is "Slow-Smoked" over Hickory and Mesquite woods. Bullies Ribs smoke for up to 6 hours and pork butt and briskets up to 14 hours in our large capacity smoker.

Chef Bob Sutton is famous for his South Carolina Pulled Pork. Served up dinner style or on a sandwich. Don't forget to add a couple of "bones" of pure Memphis heaven.
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Due to the unbelivable shortage of beef, the prices have now more than doubled our cost.

Until now, I have absorbed this increase but can no longer. Until further notice our Brisket will also have to double what it was on our menu.

I am sorry about this but the only other option is o not buy it at all.

Hopefully the market supply rebounds soon.

Bob Sutton

NEW: On line ordering coming soon.
Watch for details.



3 Regency Pkwy
Hilton Head, SC

Located 6/10's of a mile WEST of the Palmetto Dunes Entrance on Hwy 278, Turn at the Red Roof Inn.

Monday - Saturday 11am - 8pm
OPEN SUNDAY Noon - 8pm


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